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Save to draft

Save to Draft function - Reduce errors and omissions ensuring quality control. Email proof of notice to family for confirmation prior to submission to newspaper. Ensuring customer satisfaction by offering a wider range of choices.

Special words

Special Words, a feature that offers a selection of poems and verses to choose from for newspaper notices, to get you started. With one simple click the poem or verse may be automatically inserted into the notice as it is read online.

White label

Branding is personality. Letting U Know's White Label solution is an internet based application enabling customised software to be installed directly into the subscribing customers website - with their company branding.

Check out the features

Appealing to both businesses and the individual consumer Letting U Know delivers a Do-It-Yourself ONE STOP SHOP approach for both searching and placing online advertisements into one or many newspapers, simultaneously.

  • Place one notice into multiple newspapers - with one click!
  • Personalise your notice, add photos, clip art & logos - easily!
  • Create notice any time, 24/7
  • Delivering significant productivity savings
  • Drive more customers to your website using the White Label solution

Letting U Know is for the Funeral Industry.
Finding the details of a funeral notice or other classified ad is often difficult if you do not know the date and newspaper of publication. The versatile search functionality will enable people to obtain the details of any ad or notice placed through Letting U Know irrespective of which newspaper was the publisher.

Payment may be made by credit card or direct credit at time of booking the notice. Account facilities are available to approved customers. Customised administration & account reporting features are also available.

Easy to use for everyone

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